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The Teaching of Dr. Paul Andrachuk

Excerpt: Dr. Andrachuk has a passion for teaching about denture prosthetics. A prosthodontist would first become a dentist and then specialize for several years in dentures, crown, bridge work, etc. With many years of experience in his private practice, he certainly was qualified to teach the young dentistry students and later denture therapy

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Computerized Jaw Tracking: The Technology of the Future

Excerpt: Tooth manufacturers today produce teeth with cusp angles ranging from 0 degrees to more than 30 degrees. Selecting the right degree of tooth can depend on several factors, but the most important is the movement of the patient's mandible as guided by the TMJ. With so many options available to the denturist, how can we be sure that we are selecting the correct cusp angle of tooth for each patient?

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Fluorescence in Porcelain Teeth

Excerpt: Porcelain was first used for teeth in dentures back in the 1850s, and since then there has been a continuing effort to fabricate porcelains for dentures and crown and bridgework to simulate the appearance of natural teeth. Achieving a fluorescent appearance in crown and bridgework or in porcelain dentures is just one way to make a dental restoration look more life-like.