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Friendly Denture Clinic

From the minute you call our office you will feel the warm welcome of our staff. When you walk through our front door, you will be greeted as if you are an old friend. My receptionist, who is also my wife, is very informed and will help you with any questions or procedures. Her openness and true concern about you and your needs will put you at ease. No one just sits in our office and waits; my wife will have you chatting and laughing about any topic that comes up. We care about our patients and she often calls patients up long after the dentures are done just to say “hi” and make sure that you are happy with the new teeth.

We are a friendly office and very relaxed because we have been making dentures for a long time. 35 Years as a licensed denturist and even longer as a Registered Dental Technician, and 10 years earlier as an apprentice in my father’s Dental Lab and Denture Clinic. Having my father’s dental knowledge passed on to me at a young age has its advantages over just being trained in college. I had an incredible and wise professor teach me in college. He taught 20 years of Dentistry students before he taught me.  Because of my extensive lab experience, I was his best student.

I am very confident in my abilities and there is no oral situation that I have not seen before. If one approach does not get results I want, I do not get angry. I just take another approach to the problem and the finished dentures fit.

My dentures are truly different. I always ask for old photos of your smile with your natural teeth. I use these photos to reconstruct your best youthful smile. I have had people cry for joy when they see that their real smile is finally back. If you go on my website you can read the many heart-warming thank you cards that these people send me and then they send all their friends to me for new teeth.

We offer a wide variety of dentures to choose from. We offer premium plastic teeth, the finest porcelain teeth and a low cost denture for the budget minded. My porcelain dentures are my specialty. They are the more natural looking teeth of all and they can last much longer than any of the plastic varieties.

We also use porcelain teeth in most of our implant dentures. This has added benefit. You will not have to replace your expensive implant dentures as often; a big saving to you. Remember all plastics wear down much quicker than porcelain.

A big concern with dentures these days is that your new dentures do not cause excessive bone loss. If your new dentures are shrinking down your gums, you surely will need implants in the future. All my dentures adhere to the strictest principles for correct denture construction. They will fit tighter and will require less relining down the road.

Should you want to book an appointment with us, you will have a pleasantly different experience at our office. We are open 5 days a week and Saturdays for emergencies. Ask for Mila and you will find out why we are the friendly Denture Clinic.