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Why Choose Bert Rufenach's Dental Clinic?

With well over 30 years of experience, you can be assured a denture designed by Bert will give you the best fit possible.

Bert Rufenach has 3 years of specialized college training, which includes all biological considerations and all aspects of manufacturing and fitting patients with high quality dentures. Bert has also met Ontario's requirements to operate a commercial dental lab. This wider scope of knowledge allows Bert to better explain to the patient all choices available when restoring missing teeth. Choosing the best denturist is generally considered to the most important factor in your overall satisfaction and to meet your needs.

While in college, Bert was fortunate that, for a few short years, a most qualified professor was in charge of the prosthodontics program. He has received the same denture training in college as many dentists did while in university. Bert was trained by the same prosthodontist that taught the young dentist students at the University of Toronto for many years.

Unlike dentists, Bert does all chair side procedures and makes the dentures from start to finish. Dentures are a very artistic and technically precise procedure. They are a very personal cosmetic restoration that Bert's care and skill will make you glad to choose his clinic. Most dentists send their dentures to a lab to have them manufactured in an assembly line fashion. The assembly line worker does not know as much about the cosmetic and intra oral requirements of the patient.

At our offices, we maintain the highest standards of prosthetic dentistry, which means that our dentures help prevent gum shrinkage by correctly covering all major stress bearing areas of the ridges. Over the years, our patients have returned with their friends and family. They have learned to trust our consistent high quality "cosmetic dentures".

My Dental Biography

I started in this profession over 45 years ago, at the age of 18, as a technician in my father's commercial dental lab (Heinz Dental Lab). I apprenticed for 7 years and became a Registered Dental Technologist or RDT. My father was an excellent technician, artistic and very fussy with details. I had to learn his ways. I learned how to make all types dentures, crown and bridge work, gold work and orthodontics (including orthodontics for dogs!).

During my apprenticing years, the first denturists (denture specialists) were getting licensed as an entirely separate profession from dentists. My father was one of these first denturists. When he asked me if I wanted to take the denturist challenge exams with him I said that I did not know enough about prosthetic dentistry to be a good denturist, even though he felt that I could have passed the exams.

The newly formed denturist course was taught at George Brown College in Toronto and I got accepted. The methods and tools that were used to teach the technical side of Denture construction were very different from what I had used back in the lab. The tools were large and awkward compared to the very precise tools that I had been using. They could not be used to give me the detailed work I was producing. I now found out that my father's teachings were far superior. I used my own tools and continued with the exactness and artistry that I had become accustomed.

Having done gold teeth and bridges, I used these skills to make jewelry for the dental hygienist and dental assistant students that were studying in the same building. It gave me some extra money to get me through my years of college.

Simcoe and Hamilton Denturist

Upon graduating in 1979, I started my own denture clinic in Hamilton. I continued to refine my methods of excellence in fabricating dentures. I always used the highest quality materials and never took short cuts. The extra time for fussing with detail was always time well spent. My business thrived because of the high quality products. In 1986, I took over my, now very ill, father's denture clinic in the town of Simcoe. Before his passing, he was pleased to know that his business was in good hands and that he had passed his denture skills on to his son.

My father was very progressive in his time, I also learn the latest Denture techniques and use the latest Denture computerization. I have had several feature stories published on some very innovative new denture technologies in the Denturism Canada magazine.
After 38 years of work, I enjoy teaching and passing on the techniques and knowledge that I accumulated over the years to any young denturist that endeavors to learn more.

I still run both offices full time. My patients always come back for their new dentures and refer their friend to me, just as they did for my father, many years ago. New patients are still always welcome.